Tula Tantrum Tamer Review

There’s a long-standing joke that says all young children are invariably cute and lovable when they’re asleep. If you’re a parent, you know the truth of this. In fact, most toddlers and young kids are lovable even when they’re wide awake. It’s great when they’re upbeat, happy, smiling and laughing. It makes the day seem brighter somehow, doesn’t it? But it’s a different story when toddlers and young children are prone to tantrums and this is what this Tula Tantrum Tamer review is all about.

You’re not exactly thinking cute and lovable thoughts when your children are constantly screaming and crying in anger. They’re embarrassing when you’re in public, and it offers a lot of problems in school. Even if it happens at home, it’s hard to take. Your own nerves can be frayed as well, and your own temper can flare.

What you and your child need is Tula Tantrum Tamer.

What is Tula Tantrum Tamer?

Tula Tantrum TamerTula Tantrum Tamer is a natural herbal supplement that’s perfectly safe for children of all ages. It’s specifically designed as an herbal remedy to deal with temper tantrums and as a homeopathic remedy for stubbornness in children.

It’s not always easy to find natural remedies for a conniption fit, but Tula Tantrum Tamer fits the bill perfectly. It really can help calm down a kid that’s beset with unreasonably belligerent attitudes. It was created by experts in homeopathy for toddler tantrums.

The most noticeable benefit according to various reviews is that, by giving your irritable tantrum-prone children Tula Tantrum Tamer regularly, these temper tantrums are reduced in intensity and frequency. In other words, when they’re having a temper tantrum, it’s not quite as bad and the children are not as uncontrollable and wild. The children also don’t have these temper tantrums as often as before.

Children benefit as their stubbornness and frustrations are relieved, and your own frustrations are relieved as well. The children are more open to your disciplinary measure and are more willing to compromise.

Ingredients and Their Purposes

Tula Tantrum Tamer is completely homeopathic, and all the ingredients are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). They’re made in FDA-registered pharmaceutical facilities and in full compliance with cGMP standards.

Tula Tantrum Tamer contains a bit of sucrose so that it tastes better, which is actually crucial if you want to convince young children to take them. Aside from that, it has two main ingredients.

The Cina 6C HPUS is meant as a children’s remedy for upset toddlers who are really cross, hungry (despite being just fed), or insistent on being rocked. Sometimes their negative moods may make them sad or grouchy, and they can be very unpleasant and even stubborn. The Cina 6C HPUS can help deal with all these symptoms.

The other main ingredient is Chamomila 6C HPUS, which can help children when they’re feeling numb, hot, or thirsty which in turn makes them more irritable and sensitive. The symptoms may also be very noticeable, as children can suddenly become moody, impatient, and restless. They may begin to whine incessantly, or become extremely moody, irritable, and quick to flare up in anger.

Proper Use

Each bottle of Tula Tantrum Tamer contains about 360 pilules. How long it lasts will depend on the number of tantrums the child can go exhibit. In general, you should give your kid 5 pilules twice day. The pilules are small and dissolvable and easy to ingest, they have a pleasant taste, and taking it is free from any hassle or complications. Children can just chew them pilules or wait for them to melt in the mouth.

But you should also give at the very first sign that your child is exhibiting frustration and unreasonable stubbornness. It really helps in calming down your child’s hot temper.

The best time to give a dose is 10 minutes after a meal. If the child has just finished brushing their teeth, you may want to wait half an hour before you give it. It’s been found that Tula Tantrum Tamer loses its effectiveness when it’s mixed with mint. That means you may want to keep them off the strong mint candy until they’ve had their Tula Tantrum Tamer.

If you want, you can take it in combination with other Native Remedies products. Other products which will fit well with Tula Tantrum Tamer include Mindsoothe, BrightSpark, Focus Formula, and Serenite.

Tula Tantrum Tamer and Safety

SafetyFirst of all, Tula Tantrum Tamer is designed for children of all ages, and Native Remedies and their team of expert made very sure that even toddlers can take it safely. It’s fit for vegetarian households because it contains no animal product, and it’s also free of lactose and gluten.

Tula Tantrum Tamer has no known side effects at all, and it also not known for any drug interactions. So even if your children are taking other supplements or medicines, it’s still perfectly alright to take Tula Tantrum Tamer as well.

The only real concern is taking too much Tula Tantrum Tamer, so you need to follow the dosage recommendations. It’s also a good idea to keep this herbal supplement out of reach of your children, just in case they get any funny ideas about gulping all the pilules down in one go.

Does It Work?

According to many reviews, it does. But the level of improvement depends a lot on the individual children. Some parents report a noticeable improvement in mood and behavior in just a few days, while for others it may take a much longer time.

In general, however, the improvement in behavior and mood is gradual and occurs over a period of time. It’s for that reason you need to give it regularly. And even when you already see an improvement, you may want to give a small does every day for maintenance.

Still, you need to remember that this is still a supplement. That means you also need to provide your children with a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise. But if you’re like most parents who have taken up with Tula Tantrum Tamer, you’ll see a much better-behaved child after a while.