Serenite Jr for Child Sleep Problems

If you’re like most adults, there must have been a time in your life when you found it hard to sleep. Hopefully, you discovered or realized that drinking alcohol is not the solution, and taking sleeping pills is also not ideal due to their addictive properties.  But if you’re a parent with a very young child with sleeping problems, your own sleep may be affected as well. So what are you to do? What you need is something as safe and innocuous as hot coco or milk, but is very effective in helping children sleep. What you really need, in other words, is Serenite Jr for child sleep problems.

What is Serenity Jr?

Serenite Jr for Child Sleep ProblemsSerenity Jr is what you need if you’re looking for herbal sleep remedies if your toddler won’t sleep. Serenity Jr is a product of Native Remedies, and as such it is very safe. It’s designed for children, and it’s manufactured in a FDA-registered pharmaceutical facility in full compliance with cGMP standards. It’s a natural herbal supplement that promotes nighttime peace and calm.

This is the homeopathic sleep remedy Dr. Oz can even approve of. It really promotes restful and healthy sleep for children, and it’s very gentle that even babies can take it. It’s not addictive, and it’s easy for you to administer to them.

Your toddler may also be experiencing sleep problems related to teething, and Serenity Jr is one of the best natural remedies for teething sleep problems. It’s a good thing that teething problems don’t really last long, but until then you at least have Serenity Jr to help out.

What Does Serenity Jr Contain?

Serenity Jr doesn’t have any additives, preservatives or coloring, and what it has instead is a formula that’s completely herbal in its ingredients. One of the two ingredients is Passiflora incarnate or Passion Flower, which really promotes a healthy and calm nervous system.

The other main ingredient is chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla). If you’ve read the Peter Rabbit stories by Beatrix Potter, it’s what the mother of Peter Rabbit uses to put her babies to sleep. It soothes the nervous system of sensitive children, it calms down and relaxes children, it helps with digestion, and it’s a teething aid too.

Native Remedies use the whole herb so it’s more potent and yet more easily ingested and absorbed by the body. And the manufacturing process doesn’t use any chemical solvents.

Proper Use

Serenity Jr is ok to use once the baby reaches 6 months of age. Before that, you may want to use the Triple Complex Sleep Tonic from Native Remedies instead. Once the baby is old enough, you may even want to use Triple Complex Sleep Tonic and Serenity Jr in conjunction.

Serenity Jr comes in liquid form, and you just need a single drop of Serenity Jr 15 minutes before the baby’s bedtime. Until the child is 8 years old, you should give the same number of drops as the age of the baby. That means 2 drops if they’re 2 years old and 8 drops if they’re 8 years old. For children 9 to 14 years of age, give 0.25 mL 15 minutes before bedtime.

Serenity Jr is very gentle and some adults may find it helpful for them as well. The only caution here is that pregnant or breastfeeding women should ask their doctors first before taking it. This is the standard warning for supplements concerning pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Additional Factors

children up to 14 years Serenity Jr can work for children up to 14 years of age. But Serenity Jr is still a supplement, so other considerations must first be addressed. That means children should be prevented from eating or drinking any stimulant especially at night, when it can prevent them from feeling sleepy. That means no coffee, sugared drinks, treats such as candy, and teas (except herbal teas).

Children should also refrain from any stimulating activities at night. So they shouldn’t play active sports or work out, watch exciting or scary movies and TV shows, or play strenuous or complicated mental or video games. These activities cause the production of adrenalin that make children too buzzed to go to sleep for a long time.

You can also help them set up a sleeping ritual occurs every night. These types of routines can clue in the child’s brain that it’s time to sleep. This may include brushing the teeth, changing into pajamas, perhaps a short time reading a story, and then lights out and sleep.

Sometimes children may want to hear you tell a story until they’re finally asleep, but that may mess with your own sleep if it takes a while. You may want to get audiobooks of their favorite stories, such as the Harry Potter series so that they can let it drone on until the fall asleep.

Some children may also have a fear of the dark. They may grow out of this eventually, but you may have to accommodate this fear by letting the children use a dim light in their bedrooms. Some of these lights even have timers, although most of the time their energy usage is very minimal.

You should also make sure that the temperature in the bedroom is conducive for sleeping. If it’s cold, make sure that the child is tucked under thick blankets. If it’s too warm, get a fan in the room and make sure that the child is wearing loose comfy and airy clothes for sleep.

With all these tips plus the use of Serenity Jr, your child (and you as well), may finally get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. Remember, you’re not drugging your child to sleep. Serenity Jr is the herbal equivalent of having them drink a hot cup of milk or coco. But while those drinks don’t really work, Serenity Jr does.