Does Mindsoothe Jr Work For Social Anxiety or Separation Anxiety in Children?

We’ve all heard the stories from other parents about how it’s sometimes difficult for children when they’re thrust in social situations or when they have to deal with separating from parents and loved ones. Their moods and emotional makeup may be filled with a lot of anxiety, so they may be worried or anxious about every little thing.

For these problems, it may be best to avoid strong drugs and instead just use mild herbal supplements instead. One such recommended herbal supplement is Mindsoothe Jr, which is specifically designed for children only 4 years old. They’re ideal for children up to 12 years old, and by that age and for adults the regular MindSoothe may be a better fit. Based on Mindsoothe Jr reviews, this product really works!

What Does Mindsoothe Jr Offer?

What Does Mindsoothe Jr Offer?Mindsoothe Jr is meant to help children maintain a systemic balance in their brain and nervous system. It’s also meant to help boost their sense of well-being and self-esteem.

That leads to a more balance emotional stability and more reasonable attitudes, along with a more positive outlook. All in all, the Mindsoothe Jr herbal supplement helps maintain a healthy mental and emotional makeup in children.

Mindsoothe Jr contains two main ingredients. The first is Hypericum perforatum, which is more commonly known as St. John’s wort.  This herb has a long and distinguished history of use for many centuries now, and modern research has begun to confirm its positive effects in helping support emotional and mental health.

The other main ingredient is Passiflora incarnate, or Passion flower. This ingredient naturally helps children in maintaining a more positive mood and a more balanced emotional makeup. It soothes the nerves and also alleviates minor concerns.

Situations in Which Mindsoothe Jr Can Help

Reading a lot of Mindsoothe Jr reviews can give you a more accurate idea of how parents and children have been helped by this natural herbal supplement. For example, it’s been reported to help in cases of separation anxiety.

That problem can easily come up when you have to go to work and your young child is upset that you’re leaving. That’s also somewhat common during the first few days of school, when they have to part from you and they have to mingle with teachers and students whom they’ve never met before.

With Mindsoothe Jr, all this anxiety can be eased and relieved. At 4 years of age, children are primed for new environments and for meeting new people and the herbal supplement can ease their worries about not having you in sight.

Others have reported that it can also be used as a natural treatment for oppositional defiant disorder in children. Some also report using Mind Soothe Jr for autism, depression and mood swings. It’s not a cure, of course, but it helps with the severity of the symptoms. Mindsoothe Jr calms anxiety and worries, and mood swings and depressions can result when children are unable to cope with their nervousness and anxiety.

Some parents also note that the Mindsoothe Jr helps a lot for children who tend to be angry and irritable with everyone, and who have an outburst over every little thing. That irritability can get them into a lot of fights with their peers and may also make them more defiant of legitimate authority. By taking the irritability down several notches, children become calmer and more tolerant. They may still be angry and irritable at times, but that’s normal at this young stage. It’s just that they’re no longer angry and irritable most or all of the time.

Proper Usage

Mindsoothe Jr and SafetyMindsoothe Jr is designed for children ages 4 to 12, so in general it’s very safe to use. It comes in liquid form, and each bottle is enough for about 80 days of use. For best results, you may want to figure for 6 months of regular use.

It’s very mild and it takes time, and even when you see significant improvement in the child’s moods you may want to give them small doses every day for maintenance. It’s also recommended use Mindsoothe Jr in conjunction with Serenite Jr which helps promote a healthy sleeping pattern in children.

You give drops of Mindsoothe Jr to children by diluting the drops in a small amount of juice, milk, or just plain water. For children ages 4 to 8, you need to give a drop per every year of their age (in other words, 4 drops if they’re 4 years old and 8 drops if they’re 8 years old) about twice or three times a day. For children ages 9 to 12, the recommended dose is ¼ ml 2 or 3 times a day.

Mindsoothe Jr and Safety

Like all products of Native Remedies, Mindsoothe Jr is manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility that’s registered with the FDA and is compliant with cGMP standards. Its production is under the supervision of herbalists and pharmacists, and the manufacturing methods ensure that Mindsoothe Jr side effects are minimized and there’s no risk of addiction.

Mindsoothe Jr is kosher, has no animal products (vegetarian), and is entirely free of lactose and gluten. There are virtually no reports of any Mindsoothe Jr side effects.

Perhaps the only notable side effect of Mindsoothe Jr is its penchant in increasing in the skin’s sensitivity to sunburn. This is due to the St. John’s wort. So if your child has a very fair complexion, you may want to have them put on more sun block when there’s risk of excessive exposure to the sun. For example, you need more sun block if kids are going to the park or to the beach, or if the kids are playing a lot outside.

It is also not recommended at all to use Mindsoothe Jr if you’re already taking prescription antidepressants. And don’t stop giving your kids the prescription meds prescribed by your doctor, just so they can take Mindsoothe Jr. Talk to your doctor first.

It’s important that you don’t exceed the recommended dosage. So keep this supplement out of reach of children, as there’s always a change they may gulp the entire bottle. Just follow the direction, and everything’s going to be fine.