Proven Natural Treatments for ADHD to Reduce Hyperactivity in Children

One of the more common causes of problems in school is when kids are truly impulsive and they have no real control over their behavior. They may just do whatever it is that comes to mind, and that’s the kind of thing that leads to poor school performance and erratic classroom behavior. Their impulses can easily cause them to lose their focus on their schoolwork and to act erratically that can disrupt classroom lessons.  But instead of turning to medications that may be expensive, addictive, and cause rather troublesome side effects, you may want to try out BrightSpark from Native Remedies instead.

Does Brightspark Work to Reduce Child Impulsive Behavior?

BrightsparkIts homeopathic ingredients are quite effective, and they’re very safe as well. Many of the Native Remedies BrightSpark reviews have attested to its efficacy.

Slight improvements begin during the second week of regular use, and by the 3rd to 6th week many report considerable improvement. But others report marked improvements within days of taking BrightSpark regularly.

The main use of BrightSpark is to help children (or even adults) improve their concentration. It also alleviates the symptoms brought about by the difficulties in maintaining attention.

As such, it improves the degree of attention a child can focus on their work, which is needed when they’re trying to read or write. They’re more able to ignore distractions, and they tend to have fewer distracting thoughts. And this ability to concentrate can last for a longer period of time.

That means children will be able to actually finish their homework assignments, when previously this would have been difficult because of the child’s inability to focus on a task for long. They can persist in various activities, and they may even be able to finish their dinner for once! (but there is no guarantee on that. 🙂

BrightSpark can also help children adjust to changes in routine. Some kids deal poorly with unexpected changes to their environments and schedule. Parents can minimize this problem by carefully controlling when the children have to do various activities, such as bathing, doing homework, meal times, brushing teeth and sleeping. But with BrightSpark, children may be better able to deal with schedule changes that are unavoidable.

Another benefit of BrightSpark is that it may relieve children somewhat of their occasional nervous tics, such as involuntary spasms, twitching, and noises.

This may also prevent another result of attention problems and impulsive behavior, which is being ostracized by peers, siblings and even unconsciously by parents. That’s because the behavior of the child can be challenging and even embarrassing especially in public, and your child may feel unwanted and frustrated.

It has to be admitted that not all the Native Remedies BrightSpark reviews are invariably positive and glowing. That’s because if you ever see a site that shows only 5-star reviews for any type of supplement or medication, then the site is censoring negative reviews or even making up positive reviews. There’s no such thing as a supplement that provides the maximum benefits for everyone. Some people will require a greater dosage, and others may show just minimal improvements. A few may not even benefit at all.

But for best results, you have to keep in mind that this is a supplement. You need to provide your children with a healthy and nutritious diet, enough hours of sleep at night, a lot of fresh air and plenty of exercise. And of course, a lot of tender, loving care is important, too.

BrightSpark Ingredients

Native Remedies employed a clinical psychologist and a team of natural medicine experts to come up with their unique BrightSpark formula. It contains all-natural ingredients that are precisely measured for safety, and officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

So how do the homeopathic ingredients in Bright Spark reduce attention problems in children? Here’s a list of the ingredients, along with reasons why they’re included in the formula:

  • Hyoscyamus 30C HPUSHyoscyamus 30C HPUS: This homeopathic ingredient is most apt for people (especially children) who are irritable and nervous. Because of these traits, they tend to be very talkative, and often they can seem somewhat manic.They may even display some involuntary nervous tics and shivering.

    All these symptoms are reduced or even eliminated after regular use of BrightSpark because of this ingredient.

  • Arsen iod 30C HPUS: This ingredient works well for those who are beset with physical anxiety, which may make them unwilling to answer questions.That’s not exactly conducive to good grades in school. In addition, these children may also be very easily irritated or angered.
  • Verat alb 30C HPUS: This is ideal for those who suffer from general loss of energy and strength. Kids with this problem may seem exhausted, and they may become unwilling to take part in conversation and exhibit a sullen indifference to other people.
  • Argent nit 6C HPUS: This ingredient deals with general mental fatigue in children, which is exacerbated by school work for which they have to exert even more strenuous mental effort. It may seem like a prolonged period of mental fatigue, marked by a really weak memory. There may even be some physical signs such as trembling or a loss of balance and control.

Taken as a whole, BrightSpark deals with all the various symptoms of impulsiveness, erratic behavior, and hyperactivity.

BrightSpark and Safety

What you may notice in all the Native Remedies BrightSpark reviews is that, even in the negative ones that report no improvements in the child taking it, there’s no mention of side effects at all. It’s not addictive and it doesn’t even cause sleeping problems at night.

BrightSpark is specifically designed for children and adults of all ages. It is also gluten free, and it doesn’t have any animal products so it’s alright for vegetarian or vegan households. There are also no known drug interactions at all.

Just start with a tablet every 6 hours on an empty stomach. The tablets are chewable and they have a pleasant taste. Children may also take it by crushing the tablets and mixing in soft foods.

Perhaps the only warning here is that it shouldn’t be mixed with mint (candy, toothpaste, etc.) so that its effectiveness is maintained. Mint blocks the effectiveness of some of the homeopathic ingredients. Pregnant women should consult doctors first before taking it. Aside from these issues, BrightSpark has been shown to be perfectly safe.

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